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'Thank you from the bottom of my heart.  You were the only one out of the myriad of lawyers I called who was genuine and honest.'  Samantha J

'We were more than happy with your service. Mum still talks about how wonderful you were. You put her mind at ease from the very first phone call and your professionalism was outstanding and very much appreciated.' Belinda

'Just what do I say other than the truth, you were just so great and handled our case just so great, we two often think of you … .you are the greatest for sure...' Helen C

'I knew I needed someone who knew what they were doing. If you need a specialist, you see a specialist.  You don't go to an orthopaedic surgeon if you need a gynaecologist! Jann O

'Alison is switched on! There was never a question she couldn't answer. She's professional, but friendly.' Kathleen P

'Alison was very sympathetic and easy to get along with.  If you can get along with my brother - and she did - you can get along with anyone, I think.' Julie

'The first lawyer I called was all 'yeah, yeah, we can do that.' I thought he had a care factor of zero. So I decided to call someone else. Alison was very understanding and got back to me promptly.' Lisa P

'Alison is so concise, very literate and very fluent in the legal world. She was tolerant with me as someone who knew nothing about what I was getting into. She was focussed on converting my emotional experience into a legal process.' Bob

'It was like working with a friend, not a lawyer. She makes it feel more human.' Ross

'Alison is an action person. She threw herself into my case. I know she was working on other cases but it felt like it was only me.' Mary D

'If you want to contest a will, go to Alison. She's very easy to talk to. My brother and I were both very happy with the result and she was just so easy to deal with.' Kathleen P

'I rang the number and actually spoke to Alison in person. Her attitude and professionalism impressed me.' Gary

'Alison was great. She reigned it back in when we needed to, otherwise emotion can take over. She was caring but professional. I put my faith in her ... and it worked out well.' Jann O

'Having Alison on your side is very reassuring.  She never got personal or cruel.  She was factual and knowledgeable.' Lisa P

'Alison was patient and very, very professional.' Jann O

'Alison is very empathetic - not clinical or standing back.  She has a warm personality and she's reassuring.' Ross

'Communication between us was always very good, even though I'm interstate.' Lisa P

'She's honest. I could tell she was honest. She was kind. She had compassion. A few times I was really losing it and I always felt better after speaking to her.' Lyn S

'Every step of the way she was always pre-empting what might happen so there weren't any surprises or secrets. That empowered us to make better decisions.' Ross

'Alison was very human - not aloof. She's down to earth and empathetic. I was amazed, really!' Mary D

'I called someone else first and they never called back. I called Alison and I got straight through. After that I had no reason to call anyone else.' Steve

'She's female and I'm female - it matters. She spoke in a definite way and didn't beat around the bush. After speaking with her I thought, 'She's the one.' Mary D

The best word to describe my experience is 'professional'. Lisa P

'She's the most competent and client-driven solicitor I've come across.  That's what makes her stand out. She has her client's concerns at heart. There are a lot of sharks out there. Some lawyers are more concerned for their firm's bottom. line than they are for the people they are supposed to represent. Alison's not like that. My sister had a different lawyer and the opposite experience to me.' Gary

'If a friend needed help I'd say go to Alison because she is compassionate and she's very honest.' Lyn S

'I'm happy. That's the bottom line. I 'm glad I called Alison, she did was she had to do.' Lisa P

'To know that there is someone out there fighting for you 110% ... it gives you security. I felt like I was in good hands. I felt safe.' Lyn S

'I spoke with Alison and she was very informative and pleasant on the phone. I spoke to another lawyers as well and it was like they didn't retain anything I said, they just kept asking the same questions and not listening to what I told them.' Kathleen P

'The best word to describe the experience? Consultative. Alison really consulted me during the whole process. I felt included.' Gary

'My experience was good from start to finish. She always answered my questions.' Kathleen P

'Alison, I would not have been so strong without your firmness and your great ability to make everything clear and clarified. You have been marvellous and I would recommend your services at the drop of a hat. We ended up with an outstanding result and it has provided me with a fresh start in life. A thousand thank yous!' Lisa F

'Please accept my gratitude for all the effort and understanding you put into this case. I wish you and your team of obviously very dedicated experts a merry christmas. May God be good to you for helping people in distress at the loss of loved ones.' Henry K

'I want to thank you for your hard work, perseverance and especially your patience throughout this ordeal. I am so grateful that the universe paired us up with you to sort through this whole mess.. I think I speak for the three of us, and certainly for myself, when I say you made us feel heard and included in the decision making process. You validated how we were all feeling, you accepted our instruction and declined offers on our behalf against your better judgement, and you maintained your composure at times where you probably wanted to yell at us all to shut up!! I appreciate your integrity, you never failed to be transparent and, when needed, brutally honest. You are one tenacious lady and it has been a pleasure watching you work.' Karen K

'Alison, I just wanted to say thank you for all your efforts and help in our will dispute.  Please also let John know that he was most impressive in his role as our Barrister and we appreciate everything that you and he have done for us.' Lorraine

'Alison, you have been a true professional, showing compassion, sensitivity and respect from start to finish and I cannot thank you enough for that. You did a wonderful job and I would love for others in a similar situation to myself to know that they are in very capable hands. I wanted to thank you enormously for yesterday and all the work you have performed on my behalf throughout this difficult situation. I thank you for reducing the overall costs and easing the financial burden litigation can result in. I hope to use the funds wisely to secure a safe future ahead for myself. I thank you for the result achieved and the honest advice you have provided along this journey.'  Lorencie

'Dear Alison, Thank you for your tireless efforts in contesting my father's will in what was a nasty and difficult battle. Unfortunately there are never any winners in these circumstances and to be written out of a will is particularly crushing.  The actions and lack of disclosure from my father's wife and her solicitor certainly had you guys earning your money.  Thank you for helping me gain some justice and find some closure.' Mark 

'Alison, Your prompt response and the ensuing discussion was much appreciated.  If I need a pro-active legal person I will certainly give you a call.' Peter 

'Alison Butler was extremely understanding in what is a difficult and emotional undertaking. At no time did I feel my concerns were unjustified or the process overwhelming or hurried. Instead I felt validated and supported throughout. The laws were clearly explained with the utmost respect. I strongly recommend anyone with doubts over their loved ones true wishes or gut feelings of "this is not right" to call and discuss these concerns with someone skilled in diplomacy and obviously a specialist in estate law with a wealth of knowledge and legal experience.' Adrian

'I would like to thank you and John Armfield for your help. John was fabulous he knows his work and I would like to say thank you to you both for the professionalism in dealing with this very difficult time indeed. I know our situation was rather unique and a small estate but it was important to us.' Jann O

'Thank you for the groundwork you conducted on contesting my grandfather's will.  Your honesty was greatly appreciated.' Jodie G

'I began my search for legal assistance with regard to my estranged mother’s estate and quickly discovered that I had entered a world beyond my experiences. I felt like I had been dropped down the proverbial ‘rabbit hole’. What I believed to be the truth of my story was listened to and I was responded to as either 1) having my most personal hurts laid bare and then dismissed to focus on an money value or 2) being seduced with tales of how successful I would be with their assistance, not quite mentioning at what cost. I then found my Alice, a guide that would lead me honestly and fairly in all that was about to come. Alison Butler was that solicitor, in a legal world that I was being overwhelmed in, she provided the good sense and quality advice that allowed me to undertake this process and come out the other end with a fair and just result. I would not hesitate to recommend Alison as a solicitor to anyone thinking of contesting an Estate. In fact, I feel so satisfied by the legal services she provided that I would actively promote her to anyone I encounter who is in need of estate dispute advice. My sister contested our mother’s estate with a different law firm and her journey and mine are as different as night and day.  All the positive experience I had, she experienced the opposite. Her concerns: lack of communication, a feeling you are being used, extra costs, lack of progress and an impersonal approach. I cannot think of one negative I could use to describe Alison’s performance on any level.' Gary G

'A desperate and messy will dispute became a win with Alison Butler and her team.  The expertise, attention to detail and communication were outstanding.' Mary D

'I have no reservations in providing this recommendation for Alison Butler. As a result of deception and lies by a family member who was also the executor and major beneficiary of my mother’s estate, I had less than 48hrs to find a lawyer to contest my mothers will. Alison Butler was the only one that picked up the phone on that day, listened to my circumstance and provided frank and fearless advice, a direction to proceed and an overall estimate of cost for the process. Contesting a will is an emotional experience for all concerned, where normal judgement is clouded by numerous emotional issues. Alison throughout the process was sympathetic to my situation and family circumstance, but provided honest and frank advice for what was achievable due to the estate value.' Peter B

'Hi Alison, I rang to get advice from you regarding a will dispute. Thank you so much for your advice on how to attack the problem, it was 100% correct. I have been ignored for over 12 months by all involved until I sent the letters you advised and now the process to get my money has commenced. Once again thank you for your wonderful advice and for advising me.' Bob A