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No Win No Fee

Lawyers who specialise in this area recognise that many clients can't afford to pay legal fees upfront but if the estate is large enough and they have a strong case most of the legal fees will be ordered to be paid out of the estate. So they structure their arrangements with clients accordingly, often with a 'No Win No Fee' costs agreement.

A costs agreement is an arrangement between lawyer and client that spells out the terms of their relationship.  It includes details such as how the fees are calculated, when they will be paid, and what happens in the event of termination.  It is there to protect both parties.

We offer ‘No Win No Fee’ agreements due to the simple fact that in this area of law many clients are unable to pay legal fees upfront. That is because, in order to make a claim on the estate in the first place, they are people who are in need of provision and therefore unlikely to be able to afford legal fees.

What we offer instead is an arrangement whereby we run the case for you but we only get paid at the end, only if you win and only out of the estate, never out of your own pocket. We do this because we are confident enough of the strength of your claim that we are prepared to share the risk of litigation with you. 

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Fixed Fee Costs Agreements

The traditional way that legal fees work is your lawyer charges at an hourly rate and every time he or she works on your file, including talking to you on the phone, you are charged for a portion of that time. Each hour is divided into ten six-minute intervals called 'units' and you are charged per unit of their time. Sounds complicated, right?

Well there is an alternative that has merit. Your lawyer can make a calculation as to how much it will cost to complete the whole project - your case. You can then agree to pay a fixed price for a particular outcome.

There are many benefits to this arrangement, for both the lawyer and the client. Importantly, the client knows before signing up how much the legal fees will be. There are no surprises.

Further, as the client is paying for an outcome, legal fees aren't being gradually accrued, irrespective of the outcome, and the client pays for the completion of the task itself. We find many of our clients prefer this clear 'dollars and cents,' project-based approach.

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