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How much does it cost to contest a will?

Honestly?  It can be quite expensive. We have run cases where the legal fees have been anywhere between $1,000 for a quick settlement and $90,000 for a court hearing before a judge.  Of course, these examples are at opposite ends of the spectrum. Most cases, if settled early, will have costs around the lower end of the scale.

The court has the power to order that legal fees in relation to proceedings be paid out of the estate of a deceased person.  If you are successful, it is likely that most of the fees will be awarded out of the estate.

When it comes to legal fees it is particularly important to obtain specialist advice because you do not want to find yourself in a position where you are stuck having to pay the other side's costs.

In many cases we do not get paid until the end and then only if we win and only out of the estate, not out of our client's pocket.

If you can't afford a lawyer, see No Win No Fee. If you want certainty of cost, read about our Fixed Fee service.

Alternatively, call us on 1800 720 211, we are happy to talk you through it.