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How does a specialist save me money?

Many solicitors work in a broad area of law. They do a bit of conveyancing, the odd DUI charge, some family law and commercial.

Estate law does not fit into any of these categories. It is not the same as family law. It is in a different court with a different jurisdiction to the 'typical' courts your local law firm usesĀ (i.e. the Supreme Court: Equity Division). It is a higher court than local and district, which means it has a completely different set of rules.

If you engage a lawyer who focuses on will disputes and only will disputes, 24/7, they not only offer the best early advice but are poised for action as soon as it becomes necessary. A lot of time, money and stress can be saved if you engage someone who knows the area like the back of their hand. He or she will save you more than just money, they will minimise stress and provide reassurance that your case is in safe hands.